Vridhi Oil (Chota Pack)

(43 customer reviews)


Vridhi Oil (Chota Pack)
100% Natural
Contains 60ml
Ayurvedic Pain Relief Spray/ Oil
MRP: Rs 350/- (With in India)
MRP: Rs 20/- (Outside India)

43 reviews for Vridhi Oil (Chota Pack)

  1. Dnyaneshwar SADASHIV Dalvi

    It was good for knee

    • Vridhi Oil Team (verified owner)

      Vridhi Oil is actually the specialist for Knee Joint pains
      We hope you recommend us in future

  2. Dnyaneshwar SADASHIV Dalvi

    It was Best

  3. kantibhai prajapati

    very useful to joint Relief

    • Vridhi Oil Team (verified owner)

      KantiBhai Prajapati
      Your review shall surely help others to buy our product and help them in curing their pain

  4. Sneha Ghoderao

    Good oil

    • Vridhi Oil Team (verified owner)

      Seeing this kind of review makes us happy
      Good Oil really means a lot to us

  5. Shalendra Kumar

    It was best

    • Vridhi Oil Team (verified owner)

      Thank You so much for your review
      It will really help others to make a decision on the same

  6. Sampath Kumar


  7. Sampath Kumar

    Good product

  8. Dinesh kr Sharma

    Back pen and knee pen

  9. Azar Ahmed

    Good oil

  10. suresh

    Best oil for knee pain

  11. samiran Debbarma


  12. Ramesh C Sharma

    For knee joints pain, this oil massage is very beneficial

  13. Abhishek Shukla

    I ordered this product for my mother since she has been using this for past 4 months. You must have patience to use an ayurvedic product. This product is incredible. Believe me, follow the instructions as per leaflet and you’ll get incredible results.
    My mother got relieved in a long run.
    And one thing more – no side effects of this product.
    I still recommend this oil to everyone.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  14. Abhishek Bandela

    My mom was suffering a lot by joint pain.she used lot’s of oil & products but she didn’t got any result by anything.then one of my friend told me about vridhi oil & i also knew about it using internet. So i decided to order 250ml bottle for my mom.she used twice in a day and she got very good result by using this oil in just 5-6 days.
    I really thankful for vridhi oil for making a smile on my mother face. Now she’s extremely fine.

  15. Aashish Ambekar

    Hi, my name is AASHISH
    This story is related to my grandfather. He is a 85 year old man, with having joint pain always.

    We have gone to many doctors but they all replied this is due to his age. They suggested us to do massage on daily basis.

    Then one of my friend suggested me vridhi pain relief spray.At first we thought it will be very expensive since we belong to a middle class family but the product was within our budget

    It has removed all of our problem.
    My grandfather use this product on daily basis and he is feeling relief.

    Now massage is not required anymore we just need to spray.

    Really would recommend it. It is very cost effective with good odour & very effective results.

    Thank you vridhi oil.

  16. Preethi Jain

    ๐Ÿ‘ŒOil. Vry good for knee pains…my grandmother is suffering from knee pains from so many years…Used many oils but no results…but after using this (Vridhi oil) she got relief from her knee pains…vry nice oil โค๏ธ

  17. Manish Bhati

    I am from Ajmer and I have been using the product of growth for the last 1 year. Virdhi is a completely safe, effective treatment for the swelling of the ankles and feet, muscle cramps and any other pain. It is among a few pain relief products safe for women and children.

  18. Adarsh R kumar

    I am adarsh from kerala. Few months ago grand father was suffering from joint and knee pains from 3-4 years. He was suffering a lot and it was unbearable to see him in pain.. because the pain was increasing day by day..Then on facebook i saw an advertisement of vridhi Ayurvedic oil . Then i spoke to them and they said me to use the course of 2 months which consist of 750 ml oil having 15 days guarantee. My grand father used it and he saw the difference in pain…the pain started curing.m Then he used it daily, twice a day and he just cured in 2 months and now he can walk,run too..
    Thanks VRIDHI๐Ÿ˜€

  19. suresh bhati

    I was suffering a lot because of survical problem . I used many oils but I dint got any relief . there were many products who I used but I dint got any relief . then later in 2018 I saw a dad of vridhi on bus adds I ordered 250ml bottle i used it daily and only 5 6 days I got a relief and I used it daily and only in 25 days my problem gone and now I am fully fine
    I thank vridhi who make me to be as same as I was before

  20. mukesh mali

    I am. Foram Pali rajasthan I have been using the product of growth for the last one year virdhi is a completely safe. Effective treatment for the swelling of the ankles and feet. Muscle cramps. And any other pain .it is amaong a few pain relief product safe for wamen and children Thunku virdhi oil

  21. Preeti Mehta

    As i am a athletics person i have to practice whole day so 1 day while practicing i fell down and my leg was fractured then later i have went to many orthopaedics and all but still i didnt got any relief and there after 1 day i saw add about vridhi pain relief oil on facebook and then i took all enquires about the oil and i booked a 20 days course and it had a 7 days cash back guarantee too. I used it daily twice a day and then only in few days i saw a great change and because of this now i can play and practice whole day. Thanks vridhi

  22. Shruti Jain

    My brother met with an accident. He was recovered from his body side bt still he had internal pain . He had been through many physiotherapist,been through many surgeries but results were not proper then one of freind advised me to use Vridhi oil and seriously thanks for vridhi oli It’s really helpful nd Complete team who manufactured it .

  23. jigee123

    My dad is going thought a muscle pull .. after getting all his test done doctor recommended physiotherapy… But after the session also when he wakes up in the morning he experiences pain in his leg..

    So we started with vridhi oil .. it’s been the 10th day today and the moment pain shoots we massage with it and it acts like magic ..

    Highly recommend specially for muscle pain

  24. Rohish Jain

    My name is rohish jain

    Earlier I used to play cricket I also daily practice to join and get training for best coach how to make carrier in cricket but some day I injured while playing . I used many therapies but it was not gettung better .

    I saw advertisement in metro railway Hyderabad regarding vridhi oil, it’s mission ab aur dard Nahi sahega india

    Now I regular use virdhi oil and I get relief from it I bought vridhi oil from Amazon cost is 1480 for 20days.
    Thank you vridhi oil

  25. Vikalp Jain

    I have used it..very nice oil
    Helped my father a lot
    Good product

    I will recommend my relatives too

    I purchased at exhibition with 10%discount
    I need more one bottle can I get for same discount.
    Thank you vridhi oil

  26. Uttam Chandjain

    I cannot forgot that hard day when I met with an accident and got a injury on my and feet in the year 2015 after that injury I used many oils which were there in the market. That oil were not that useful and even because of that i got itching problem too then later in 2017 I saw an advertisement of vridhi oil on the bus ads then later I called on the given number and took every detail about the product and thought its something different with no side effects and I booked a big course of 2 months I was assured that now I will not face any problem I started using it and I used it daily twice in a day and only in 2 months my pain left me and now I am with no pain on my knee and for feet I used vridhi which even is more effective for this pains
    Thank you do much vridhi๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  27. Hitesh Sharma

    As my aunt was suffering from joint pain..she couldn’t walk , stand properly.. because of the pain in her knee..she consulted a doctor for the treatment but as it was too late the swelling started spreading..she applied many ointments, Ayurvedic oils but none of them helped but when one of my friend recommended vridhi knee joint pain oil..we bought it..and the results were so satisfying..and accurate it gave my aunt a relief..she used it for 2 months and the results were shocking.. thanks to vridhi oil ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ˜

  28. Anonymous

    I have used the oils like Dr.ortho,sandisuda but i couldnt get relief from arthiritis finally one of my elder brother told me about vridhi and i have used it for 2 months i.e 2months course ordered online and here i finally got relief from my arthiritis…and i strongly recommend you people to try this oncce

    Thank you vridhi

  29. Dream Life

    My name is Sachin choudhary from U.P.
    I can’t forget the day of 2015 when I have suffered with an accident any way I have recovered from my body side but still there was the pain in my joints that continuously making me painfull

    I have visited so many physiotherapist and they have given different different treatment still that pain was continue

    I tried so many oil suggested by diff. Physiotherapist but no use
    One day my friend suggested me 2 months complete course which was slight higher price 3720/- but money deosnt matter

    The pain which was from 2015 finally got cured in 2018 within 2 months

    Thanks for vridhi oil it’s very very helpful and complete team who has manufactured it

  30. Atul Kalantre

    Its very genuine oil.very good for knee mumma got relief from her knee pains by using this oil..

  31. Shubham Jain

    Thank you soo much “Vridhi Oil”. It helped me to cure all my joint pains only in 5 days even the tablets couldn helped me but this oil helped me to get cure veru fast, very effective and best result with best affordable price.
    Thanks Alot Vridhi Oil

  32. Seeta Yadav

    My grandfather has knee pain, i don’t have any idea what to do… Bcos I don’t have mind. My frnd suggest me to use this oil…. It’s so effective that my dadaji can walk easily….. Thanq virdhi.

  33. Rahul Pal

    Ordered this for my mom-dad as both are suffering from joint pain. Have heard a lot about this product & now my parents are also using and sharing positive feedback of this oil.

  34. Vishnu Sharma

    My grandfather had severe joint pain almost couldn’t walk Aur was able to do anything I heard about this oil after using it he lost all his pain and was walking it was like miracle it’s a very good oil bestever product everyone should try this

  35. Arihanth Jain

    It’s a very good oil for knee pains by using this oil my grandfather got relief from is knee pains and he is happy now

  36. Abhishek Sukla

    If you are looking for a best joint pain reliver then you should try applying this oil.I recommened you to use this oil because this is also being used by me nd I got relief from my pain due to which I was unable to walk properly nd after using this oil my pain is gone 90%

  37. Dammal Rahul

    Vridhi its a valuable products which is useful to all. it can cure all types of problems like knee joint pain back pain etc… I suggest if facing all this problems. Please go for vridhi its 100% Ayurveda and safety no no side effects. thanks for such a wonderful product to us thank u RANBASS pharmaceutical.

  38. Swathi Kishore

    I couldn’t believe the great results I received when I 1st used Vridhi Oil Arthritis Rub. The pain relief was fantastic. I urge all adults with osteoarthritis pain to try this amazing product.

  39. Sagar Vanigota

    Thank you. Thank you! Recommended by doctor. I have scoliosis. 80% curve. I live with pain but I do get tremendous relief from this pain Oil. Can recommend it enough.pain pills offer nothing. Wake up in pain and hurts bad to walk. Vridhi painoil to the rescue within some days I am functioning so well. Because of your miracle rub, I am able to continue my passion in my garden of flowers. I plan to garden till I am 112. I am so glad I took the time to research you and to thank you. I must say Vridhi Oil makes LIFE WORTH LIVING.

  40. Ayushi Jain

    My brother is a sports athlete who sometimes had pains in his knees but after using this vridhi oil he never looked back for the pain..this oil is totally a magic for pain..and it is made up of natural ingredients which instantly recovers the pain…I even recommend people to use this..and it is available at a reasonable price and will surely show you better results๐Ÿ’ฏ

  41. Mohit Jain

    Its awesome product. One of my uncle is also using it and getting good relief from joint pain. Thank you so much vridhi for this awesome product.๐Ÿ™

  42. Wander lust

    Useful oil and very helpful for joint pains..! Pains are normal at a certain age after crossing 30..but instead of buying costly creams and vridhi joint pain oil..! At your budget..must try ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  43. Anky Jain

    Awesome product…thank you for such a lovely product…my whole family is using it and every one is appreciating it and mainly my grand-parents are much happier because of this gives them some relief from pain

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