Vridhi Oil (20 Days Trial)

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Ayurvedic Pain Relief Spray/ Oil
Total: Rs 1480/-
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7 reviews for Vridhi Oil (20 Days Trial)

  1. ranbasspharma

    One of the best product for Knee Pain

  2. Rajeev mehta

    An extra ordinary product ..Tried many but this product gave a good relief

    • Praveen

      Thank You Mr Mehta
      I hope you have PAIN FREE TIME ahead

  3. Manav

    Hi everyone today I want to share something about this product vridhi pain oil . I used it personally for my knee pain and I’m really so happy with it,Ty

    • Praveen

      Thank You so much for your valuable feedback Sir
      We hope you would recommend us to your family and friends

  4. Nikhil

    Best product so far that I have used. Awesome results.

    • Praveen

      We value your feedback
      Your immense belief and confidence on our product would let us reach heights

      Thank You

  5. Rahul Salecha

    Adaptable product …First time heard but gives money back guarantee so ordered ..Works well

  6. Hitesh

    I love your product. So many uses, and all of them end with a satisfying “Awe Yeah”.

    • Praveen

      Thank You
      Mr Hitesh
      We Value Your Feedback

  7. Upendra


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