Why do Indian women have knee and joint pains after they cross the age of 35-40 years?

It’s not just the problem with Indian women, almost all have the problem. It is usually known by the name, House Maid’s Knee.

Why does it happen mostly to women? Are men spared? Well, men are not spared, but the incidence is less than for women.

Women’s physiology matters. Women are blessed by estrogen, which even prevents heart attack. Starting from Puberty to Menopause they have a supply of Estrogen.

Now comes the age factor. Usually, menopause attains by the age of 45–50. In some, it occurs early as well as delayed. After menopause, the hormone action stops. Thus leading to several physiological changes like low immunity, joint pain, etc. It is also responsible for osteoporosis condition, which is characterized by the lowering of calcium and phosphorous levels in bone. It leads to the weakening of the skeletal system.

This is the same age where fat deposition happens immensely. That is the person will become obese. For women, more fat deposition happens over the waist region. More weight means more stress on limbs, especially on femur bone.

In the human body, the major weight-bearing joint is the knee joint. So, summing all points together, No estrogen → Osteoporosis → Weak joints → Weight gain → Knee Joint pain

I Hope, the process or physiology is understood.

Normally women work in the kitchen for hours long, that too in a standing position. This will affect the knee joint badly. Then at the age of menopause or just 1 or 2 year before that, the symptoms will start.

Everyone cannot agree with me on this answer. House Maid’s Knee is more about trauma. Even though I prefer to call the problem by this name. In my clinical practice, I met with these kinds of cases on a regular basis. Still, the number is increasing. Here is a link to research work on estrogen and joint problems.

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