Obesity can increase risk of developing arthritis


Based on a study published in the Journal of Arthritis Care & Research, extra WEIGHT can up your risk of developing arthritis. A University of Pennsylvania study revealed that the adults with Rheumatoid Arthritis and due to obesity there is a more rapid progression of disability than in patients who were overweight. As per the researchers, the patients who lost weight tended to become more disabled very quickly, especially those who were already thin.

As per the researchers, this is because when people age and acquire illnesses, they tend to lose weight. Therefore, the important weight loss in this study is unintentional. So, this study suggests that patients with rheumatoid arthritis and obesity would benefit from intentional weight loss through a comprehensive management strategy. It may also encourage health providers to recognize unintentional weight loss as a poor prognostic sign and refer patients for strength training, physical therapy, and other interventions to reduce disability.

Arthritis is a common condition that refers to joint pain or joint disease and can affect more than a single joint. The symptoms of arthritis are most commonly seen in adults above the age 60-65 years. While hot water fermentation is one of the best ways to relieve arthritis pain, there are foods that may also help reduce it.

Here are some of the suggestions for the same:

1. Ajwain

2. Dashmool

3. Shallaki

4. Eucalyptus

and other ingredients like Gandhapura, Turpentine, Capsicum, Camphor, etc

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