What You Need to Know About Knee Pain, Conditions, and Risks:


Knee Pain:

Knee pain is the pain caused at knee bone joints due to sudden shock movement, age factor, heavyweight, small and big accidents.

Knee pain is sometimes very severe and unbearable for human beings. Doctors recommend that if you feel a certain pain in your knee or any of the body joints you should take medication immediately for faster curing.


If it is the pain caused by a heavyweight, sudden shock movement and small injuries can be cured by knee pain relief oils and ointment.

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And if it is a severe or major accident and fracture then it is compulsory to be hospitalized for faster treatment.

Let us discuss some of the causes and conditions of knee pain

1. Arthritis:

Arthritis can be caused in 100 different types and as per stats every year more than 3 million people are affected by this pain. It is very painful and unbearable.

→ Osteoarthritis:

In this condition, the cartilage at knee joints which provides movement at joints is dispositioned and while walking it rubs between bones and creates severe pain.

It can be caused by different conditions like small injuries, obesity, weakness, etc.

→ Rheumatoid Arthritis:

It is a condition in which the body starts attacking itself and damages its own tissue cells and it can cause various body pains and problems.


→ Gout:

Gout is a condition in which it is caused suddenly and a severe attack on body joints like knee joints, elbow joints, wrist, and ankle joints. Some of the symptoms of this condition are swelling, redness and pain.


→ Pseudogout:

It is also a sudden pain caused mainly at knee joints more than any other joints. Symptoms of this condition are swelling, warmth and pain.

→ Septic Arthritis: 

It is a very painful infection caused mainly at knee joints and it has a huge chance of damaging cartilage at knee joints.

Symptoms of this condition are extreme pain in joints, swelling, redness, and fever.

2. Injuries:

Injuries are caused by small and big accidents and sudden movement of body joints.

→ ACL injury: 

This injury is mainly caused by a sudden movement of body and bone joints which causes immediate pain in joints. As of stats every year, more than 2 lakh people are affected by this injury. Symptoms of this condition are pain, swellness, and instability in the movement of joints.

→ Fractures:

Fractures are mainly caused by accidents by motor vehicles or road accidents or more. A fracture is a crack or breaks in the bone that causes unbearable pain and it needs a doctor’s treatment.


→ Torn Meniscus:

It is mainly caused when the knee is forcefully twisted and this injury is common for athletes as they try to run faster and may fall and cause this injury. Symptoms of this injury are pain, instability, and inability to move your knee.

→ Knee Bursitis:

Bursae are the small cushions at bones that help in the easy movement of bone joints. This pain is mainly caused in those bursae which are frequently used in bone joints.

→ Patellar Tendinitis:

It is an injury caused at the knee cap and is mainly seen in athletes. This knee injury can be cured by strengthening the muscles at the knee joints.

Some of the risk factors for knee pain

→ Age:

Age plays an important role in knee pain. Knee pain is common for people above 50 years of age. But nowadays we are experiencing the youngsters are also experiencing knee pains because of a lack of protein food, daily exercise, laziness, and more.

Your body strength decreases with the increase in your age and leads to knee and many other body pains.

→ Weight: 

Extra or Overweight body can also cause knee pain because your whole body weight is transferred through your knees. To reduce knee pain, maintenance of body weight is important.

→ Diseases:

Arthritis is a disease and many other diseases can also cause knee and body pains because of weakness and lesser strength in your body.

→ Injury:

Injuries like accidents, road accidents, and more can also cause knee pain and can be cured by medication.

→ Exercise: 


While practicing exercise also you may cause pain due to sudden movement, unexpected movement, and forceful movement. These pains can be cured using pain relief oils and sprays if they are not severe.

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