What is Knee Arthritis – Causes, Symptoms, and best Treatment

knee arthritis

What is Knee Arthritis

With growing age, you face certain physical issues that bring immobility. Knee arthritis is one of those physical ailments, slowing the pace of your life. Do you want to give up with this problem or fight back? To get quick relief from the excruciating pain of knee arthritis, go through the pain relief treatment for a proper movement.

knee arthritis
knee arthritis

Causes of Knee Arthritis

Once you know more about the causes of knee arthritis, it is easier to get relief from it. Consult the specialists immediately if your pain sustains for more than a week. Here are the causes of arthritis.

  1. Age – With growing age, the cartilage of your knee becomes weak and damaged.
  2. Injury – It can even happen due to any serious injury.
  3. Gender – According to the experts, women above 55 years are more prone to have knee arthritis compared to men of the same age.
  4. Heredity – Genetic mutation is also another reason causing knee pain at a serious level. If someone develops any abnormalities in the shape of bones, joint pain can happen to them.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Knee pain can happen due to varied reasons. Symptoms that indicate you to consult an orthopedic doctor for your knee joint back arthritis are as follows:

  • Swelling at joints
  • Stiffness at joints/in muscles
  • Crepitus, a cracking sound in the knee while moving
  • Weakness at the knee joint
  • Immense pain that increases during the rainy season
  • Locking and buckling at knee joint
  • Immobility
knee arthritis treatment
knee arthritis treatment

Treatments of Knee Arthritis

When it comes to the treatment of arthritis, many of you depend on herbal products. If you want the best result from such products, go for Vridhi oil and ointment. It gives you quick relief from the severe pain of arthritis.

Apart from herbal products, here are other methods of treatments.

  1. 1. If you consult a specialist at the first stage, you get relief by medication. Usually, non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to soothe the pain of arthritis.
  2. If medication is not enough, the doctors go for injections like hyaluronic acid supplements, keeping the knee joints lubricated and relieve the inflammation caused of arthritis.
  3. When the above methods fail, joint surgery is also a method of treatment to give you relief from knee arthritis. There are mainly three types of surgeries, like
Ayurvedic pain relief oil
Ayurvedic oil for arthritis pain relief oil
  • Total joint replacement
  • Arthroscopy
  • Osteotomy

By changing your existing lifestyle, you can begin the treatment from home itself. If you want natural and herbal remedies, go for buying Vridhi Oil and Ointment for knee joint pain.