How To Prevent Chikungunya And Its Effective Treatments?


Mosquitoes’ bite can be deadly to your life as it hails killer diseases like malaria, dengue, and chicken guinea or chikungunya. There is no better way to prevent these diseases than to keep yourself safe from mosquito bites.

One of the commonly spread diseases is Chikungunya caused by a virus passed into the human body from Mosquitoes. These insects are responsible for passing it on to others. Thus, knowledge about the best ways to prevent mosquito bites and treatment procedures.

Symptoms of Chikungunya
If the viruses of chikungunya affect anyone, the first symptom will be a high fever lasting for a few days, along with neck pain and joint pain. Other symptoms include,
• Headache
• Muscle pain
• Swelling at the joints
• Rashes
Besides these, one can suffer from nausea, vomiting, and conjunctivitis.

How Can You Prevent Chikungunya from Affecting?

It is always known that precaution is better than prevention. To stay away from the deadly effects of chikungunya, you can follow the following steps of precautions.
1. Go for Insect Repellant
Mosquito repellants can always work best to keep you safe from mosquito bites. While buying one, always check out to buy an EPA-approved product. Once you buy such a product, it can be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
2. Keep Your Baby Safe
If Babies and children are more exposed to mosquito and insect bites and the risk of this disease is more. So, you can keep them safe by following simple tips.

• Make them wear clothes that properly cover their arms and legs
• Cover the baby strollers with mosquito netting
• Consult a doctor before using mosquito repellants and apply according to the instructions
3. Keep Your Surrounding Clean
If you do not allow mosquitoes to lay eggs around you, the risk of chikungunya decreases a lot.
Never store water around your house. Repair holes in your house to keep the mosquitoes away.

Treatment of Chikungunya
A person affected by chikungunya should remain inside the mosquito net so that no mosquitoes can bite him/her. You can also use natural mosquito repellants like Vridhi oil and ointment to get better results. As there are no vaccines to prevent this disease, go through the following treatment
methods along with using the above-mentioned herbal oil.
• Drink enough water
• Have proper rest
• Paracetamols are the best to reduce pain and fever
• Never take aspirin or any NSAIDS drugs
• Consult your doctor if you are already on any medication

Now, you know how to stay safe from chikungunya. If you want natural mosquito repellant, Vridhi oil and ointment can be the best remedy to get relief from pain.