How to differentiate between Ayurvedic and Medical Treatment for Joint Pain?

Ayurvedic and Medical Treatment for Joint Pain?

Joint pain is a common symptom that can be caused by a variety of medical conditions. If ignored, joint pain can worsen and lead to disability or even chronic diseases. That’s why it’s important to take joint pain seriously and seek medical attention if the symptoms persist.


One of the best ways to address joint pain is with natural remedies like Vridhi Pain Relief Oil, an ayurvedic oil that helps reduce inflammation and relieve joint pain. With its unique blend of herbs, Vridhi Pain Relief Oil helps soothe knee pains, shoulder pains, and other types of joint pains in a safe and effective way. So if you’re suffering from any type of joint pain, don’t ignore it – try Vridhi Pain Relief Oil today!

If you suffer from joint pain, how to understand when you need medical treatment?

The best way to treat musculoskeletal, bone, joint, and connective tissue problems is to see an orthopedic expert who is dedicated to treating conditions that affect these parts. There are many treatments available for joint pain, including physical therapy, medications, and natural remedies such as Vridhi oil. Seeking care for joint pain as soon as possible is essential in order to reduce the severity of the symptoms and improve mobility. By seeking medical attention early on, you can also reduce the risk of long-term complications associated with joint pain. So, visiting an orthopedic surgeon is typically the first step in alleviating joint symptoms. Here are some symptoms to know when you should see an orthopedic surgeon:

  • Pain that may prevent you from sleeping at night
  • Pain makes you take regular pain relief medications continuously.
  • Due to pain, you sit for long periods which results in more pain in mobility.
  • An increase in joint pain that does not seem to be going away.
  • Joint pain lasts for a longer period of time and the use of pain relief oils doesn’t provide you relief.
  • You may have difficulty walking, climbing stairs, or reaching above your head, and moving from a sitting to a standing position is difficult  
  • Use of a walker or wheelchair due to severe joint pain.

How to differentiate taking treatment from Vridhi ayurvedic oil and medical treatment?

It is not an easy thing to say that you should go for Vridhi oil or medical treatment. Because the knee pain or any other joint pains may be different and may be caused by various situations. We suggest you consult an expert surgeon or doctor, if you are facing severe joint pain and Vridhi oil or any other pain relief oil is not providing you relief. 


In the above section, we already mentioned some situations when you should visit the doctor. We can convey that, you will have full relief from your knee pain when you start using Vridhi oil. And if you consider longer period results, you should take our Vridhi oil – 2 months course, by applying it for 2 months you will see the difference in your joint pain and you will be more comfortable in mobility and your pain will vanish. We suggest Vridhi oil only for normal joint pains, or knee pains, you get due to age, heavy lifting, day to day daily activities, especially for women i.e. housewives.

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